Venini Vase Tessuti Battuti Carlo Scarpa

Venini Vase Tessuti Battuti Carlo Scarpa


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processing technique: Beaten, Canna and Watermark

Towards the end of the thirties begins the realization of the first techniques in which the decorative contribution is decisive. The wrought glass is characterized by a ground surface so as to form countless small adjacent and parallel irregular marks.
glass element pulled circular section. If used to full blown and "Murrine"
It can be colored or made of paste of different colors, transparent or opaque.
The lower barrel section called "cannetta." The cane used glasses "watermark" may be straight, transparent with an internal opaque or colored thread, or twisted and transparent thread or ribbon stands watermark to "reticello" with a delicate mesh pattern, watermark to "retortoli" for the wires twisted spiral also called "zanfirico" after art Antonio Sanquirico. Later the barrels are juxtaposed
melted together and blown up to get the object of particular value for the final effect and difficulty of execution.

Dimensions Ø 14 cm h 34 cm

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